The Versatones were formed when two construction workers (Bob Bogle and Don Wilson) in Tacoma, Washington bought guitars. They began booking gigs in the area and would add a drummer and bass player for their appearances. This was about 1958. Soon after they discovered another group already carried the name Versatones so needed to rename themselves. After some deliberation, with little results, Bogle’s mother suggested the name Ventures. Howie Johnson on drums and Nokie Edwards on bass were soon added. They circulated a number of drummers through the band before signing Skip Moore. Howie Johnson returned to the band when Moore quit.

 They first hit the charts in 1960 with “Walk – Don’t Run” going to #2 in the Top 40. Their run of 6 Top 40 hits ended in 1968 with “Hawaii Five-O”. The Ventures are members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and have sold millions of records worldwide.

 Considered the pioneers of Surf Music, The Ventures inspired many guitar players and other Surf bands.

All members of The Ventures are deceased but their music can be heard on

“Perfidia”, “Ram – Bunk – Shush”, “Walk – Don’t Run ‘64”, “Slaughter On Tenth Avenue”, “Hawaii Five – 0” are the Top 40 hits along with “Walk–Don’t Run”.

From Buddy Holly‘s hometown, DeepSky Radio is the expression of my love for oldies music. Based on the Top 40 format of the 1960’s, it also includes many songs from the Hot 100.

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