Joe Stampley hit stardom as a country performer in the 1970’s. His journey began in Louisiana where he was born and spread regionally (with The Uniques) to Arkansas and Texas. But not as a country performer.

    The Uniques formed in Arkansas with Stampley as the lead vocalist and keyboard, along with Ray Mills, lead guitar; Mike Love ,drums; and Jim Woodfield, guitar. They met at Southern Arkansas University and had a good following in the South, touring and making live appearances.

    Regional hits included “All These Things” and “Not Too Long Ago”. “All These Things” was a very popular request on KDAV in Lubbock, TX during my show 2001-2010. The Uniques recorded 22 singles on Paula Records of Shreveport, LA. They never broke out of their regional market.

    These two songs are kept alive on Listen for them and let me know what you think.

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